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Compassion International’s Disaster Relief Fund

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Compassion International
Image: compassion.com

Lee Pritzl works as the business manager for Jacob’s Well Church in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, where he oversees the church’s finances and building operations. Outside of his work and church life, Lee Pritzl sponsors children with Compassion International.

Compassion International is a Christian charity dedicated to saving children from extreme poverty in the developing world. One of the organization’s many funds helps children and families in developing nations recover from disasters, both natural and manmade.

Donating to the Compassion International Disaster Relief Fund helps the organization provide emergency food, water, and medical supplies to areas affected by disasters like hurricanes, floods, and wars. The fund also helps provide injury treatment, basic sanitation, school and household items, and counseling for children dealing with trauma.

According to the charity’s website, 82.4 percent of all donations go directly into the organization’s programs, while the rest covers administration costs and helps with its fundraising efforts. For disaster relief, Compassion International suggests either a one-time donation of $50, or a monthly donation of $7.

To learn more about Compassion International, its Disaster Relief Fund, or the organization’s other charitable activities, visit compassion.com.