About Lee Pritzl

Dr. Lee Pritzl holds diverse leadership experience in the public education system in Wisconsin. During his career, he taught high school social studies, speech communication, driver’s ed, and served as head football coach.  Lee Pritzl was also honored as Teacher of the Year.Lee Pritzl’s career also includes serving as assistant principal, principal, athletic director, and head football coach. Recognized for his consistent success with the football team, Dr. Pritzl was honored as Regional Coach of the Year.  Dr. Lee Pritzl is currently serving as Superintendent at River Ridge School District.

Educated at the University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point, Lee Pritzl earned his bachelor’s degree in communication and social science in 1994. He subsequently received a master of educational leadership from the University of Wisconsin – Madison. Dr. Pritzl completed his doctoral work in educational leadership at Edgewood College. Beyond his experience as an educator, Lee Pritzl previously served for several years with the United States Navy as a meteorologist and oceanographer.

An experienced school administrator in Wisconsin, Lee Pritzl serves as superintendent for the River Ridge School District. Dr. Pritzl’s leadership includes the implementation of (PBIS) Positive Behavior Intervention and Support , Educator Effectiveness, Crisis and safety, Pupil Services, and Curriculum. Prior to joining River Ridge School District, Lee Pritzl served as teacher, coach, athletic director, assistant principal, and principal.  Dr. Pritzl is currently presenting at the school boiard convention and serves as a consultant to school districts in refining their hiring process to hire student-centered staff using quantified data.

Lee Pritzl holds undergraduate degrees in Broad field Social Science and Communication from the University Wisconsin – Stevens Point and a master of education in Educational Administration from the University of Wisconsin – Madison. Lee has also completed his doctorate in Educational Leadership at Edgewood College. An active member of his local community, he regularly supports projects associated with his church, and supports children through Compassion International.


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